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Beyond Adaptive

eCommerce Website

Home Page, Old & New

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Shop Pages, Old & New

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Project Details

Complete Redesign of Website

The owners wanted to completely redo the layout of the website from product pages, landing page, menus, shopping pages, etc. This gave the website a completely new, updated feel, and made it much easier to navigate.

Integrated eCommerce, Shipping, and Order Tracking Tools

By integrating payment portals, shipping tools, and order tracking tools, many processes were streamlined cutting down on the amount of work that went into the entire process for accepting orders to shipping them out.

Integration of Analytics and SEO

By integrating analytics software, the owners can now track where web traffic originates, how people navigate through the site, and where tweaks can be made to optimize sales. With search engine optimizations, all of the major search engines can more easily map the site, increasing search rankings, and driving additional business.

Why we loved this project!

Featured Past Projects
Redesign for a good cause

This project was great to work on because of the market this company is involved in. Beyond Adaptive specializes in products to aid in communication for people with disabilities. It was fun to see the evolution of the website, increase web traffic, and help this great cause. Because of the amount of content needed to inform people about these specialized products, it was important that the content was well-organized, easy to access, and made sense intuitively.

Music in Small Spaces

Non-Profit Website

Home Page, Old & New

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Ticket Sales, Old & New

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Project Details

Less Text, More Images

The previous site was very text-heavy, and although there was a ton of informations, the site was not very intuitive to navigate. It was great working with the folks at MISS to choose images to help convey the message they were trying to get across, and really make the site "pop". As the old saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Donations & Ticket Sales

As a non-profit, Music in Small Spaces depends on donations, and ticket sales to continue to grow and put on great events. We were able to help the folks at MISS make it a lot easier for customers to purchase event tickets and make donations. By simplifying the process, they were able to drive revenue, and not have to spend as much time dealing with the process.

Increased Performance

It was great being able to add tools to the MISS website to increase performance, optimize search, and give them a way to analyze their web traffic. We used tools that cache web pages, leading to faster load times. We also provided site maps to all of the search engines and provided easy to use analytics tools so it is very clear where web traffic originates, and how people interact with the site.

Why We Loved This Project!

Featured Past Projects
A Fresh Design

It was great working with Music in Small Spaces. They are a small non-profit that has a great mission to bring musical experiences with a variety of different instruments in small intimate venues so people can really interact with the artist and instruments. The folks at MISS had a fairly basic site with few bells and whistles, and the site was pretty text-heavy. We were able to work with them to design a cleaner site, with a lot more images, as well as audio and video, tools to accept donations, and a lot stronger back end to better understand the clientele and traffic sources. If you get a chance, make sure to check out one of their events!